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Take back control of your website with a great Content Management System.

Content Management Systems (CMS) are incredibly important tools, giving you the power to create and manage your website with ease.

Whether you have a blog, business website or high-traffic eCommerce site, your website relies on a flexible Content Management System that is easy to use and customisable.

What Is a Content Management System?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software application or set of programs used to create and manage digital content. Content Management Systems are all about giving power to the user and making it simple. Allowing users to quickly create powerful websites that are easily customised and maintained by multiple users collaborating on one system.

What Are the Benefits of Using Content Management Systems?

6 Benefits of Using Content Management Systems

There are 6 main benefits of using Content Management Systems

Ease of Use

Uploading, editing, managing and publishing media and content is incredibly simple with a CMS. Content Management Systems usually require zero training and minimal code knowledge. This means non-technical users can be up and running quickly without relying on developers to make changes to your website.

Multiple Users

In businesses sometimes there are a number of users who publish and manage your website’s content. A CMS makes it easy to manage roles and permissions for users ensuring the right content is going live at the right time.

Design Changes Are Simple

If you wish to redesign your website, you won’t require a complete site overhaul. When sites are built on a CMS, the design is created separately from the content, so new designs can be implemented with no problems.


Ranking well in search engines is critical to your online presence. A CMS powered website allows admins to maximise search engine optimisation (SEO) results through managing content on websites, optimising user experience, integrating with social media. A CMS also provides control and automation of technical elements like meta tags, site search, page speed and XML sitemaps.

Improved Site Maintenance

Due to the degree of control you have with a CMS, making changes and updating content is very easy. Admins can make maintenance changes, update CMS software and add functionality without breaking your website. The right CMS can even update itself automatically.


A Content Management System is a long-term investment. As your business grows, you’ll need a CMS that grows with it. The right CMS should be flexible, adjust to your needs, support growth and adapt to changes in the digital landscape.

Which CMS Platform Is Right for My Business?

Content management systems are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Selecting the right one can make all the difference in terms of scalability, security, interactivity and ease of updates. Your CMS is the heart of your website, so it’s not a matter of which one is best, but which CMS best meets your business objectives.


WordPress is a feature-rich open source PHP content management system, and also the largest, powering 27% of the internet, including our own website. Started as a blogging platform WordPress has developed to a versatile and flexible CMS with an extremely user-friendly interface. WordPress allows you to design a unique look and feel to your website with its range of themes and plugins.


Sitecore Logo

Sitecore Experience Manager is a web ASP.NET-based CMS. Its flexibility, security and scalability make it a great user-friendly, marketing-focused, developer-friendly platform.

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager is an Adobe CMS that provides a centralised approach to managing content, assets and audiences. As part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, it can be easily integrated with other products of the Cloud such as Adobe Analytics.

Our CMS Development Services

Not sure what CMS is right for your business? Our team of experienced digital consultants will work with you to establish your requirements. We’ll help guide you through the different platforms and solutions that will best meet your business needs.

Depending on your requirements, our strategists and developers can customise one of the platforms above to tailor a web content management solution that meets your business needs.

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