From humble beginnings come great things


Based in a home office, NXG started life as a small dedicated team of developers with a commitment to quality. Word of mouth soon started attracting clients and the fledgling business spread its wings.


Just over a year later, NXG outgrew its semi-domestic setting. Keyboards were packed up and moved to Patna in Bihar State. With even better proximity to our State based clients, and located in the office adjacent to a friendly ISP, it’s proved an ideal location for us to operate from. Our PHP development skills were put to the test, and passed with flying colours working on a number of custom software development projects.


NXG was able to expand into new markets. Now working for short term skill development courses with the help of Skill India & NSDC, new staff were brought on board to handle demand.


NXG launched the new year by publicly releasing a new suite of integrated web and software tools including Content Management System, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, Ticketing, Membership and Email Marketing. Growth continued, fuelled by the efforts of core team members.

Present day

Now with a team of 20+ specialist web designers, developers and producers/project managers, NXG is still going strong. Our awesome new offices give us room to grow, our refined internal processes give our clients the certainty they need and with high demand for our mobile website and application development services, the future looks bright as we continue to bring online success to our clients.






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